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Intelligent sliding door operator

US $147-160

Input Power:AC Single-phase 120V/220V~240V
Max.gate weight(KG):1200KG
Rated Power(W):550W
Protection Class:IP44


Function And Features:

1. Anti-collision design.
2. Power-off lock preserve function.
3. Motor 90s time protection.
4.LED fault display.
5.Anti-clamping function.
6. Auto close: adjust time from 1-120 seconds.
7. Motor force adjustment: the working force of motor is adjustable.
8. Motor resistance adjustment: the resistance of motor is adjustable.
9. Motor max starting torque: the starting torque is adjustable.
10. Soft starting: motor can slowly start and stop, stable working and no inertia.
11.Adjust slow speed for push force:adjust the force for slow stop and start.
12.Single and four keys: Interchange of single and four keys.
13.High security: control sensitively,control long distance, strong anti-interference.

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